Your Bike Can Free You From Your Car

Your Bike Can Free You From Your Car

Lots of people own bikes, and they’ll pull them out of the closet a few times a year in order to ride them in the summer. Bikes aren’t just toys. They can be solid vehicles in their own right. They also have the benefit of being operated by muscle power only, which is automatically going to make them more energy-efficient than almost any other vehicle that you are ever going to ride in your life. You can burn calories and save energy with the same ride, which makes it a really sweet deal. It’s a sweet deal that more people need to try for themselves.

I know that not everyone can ride a bike to complete errands or commute to work. Some people have mobility problems and other disabilities that would stop that from happening. Other people just don’t live in areas that have accessible or safe sidewalks, so they’re not going to have any good place to ride their bikes. The fear of your bike getting stolen is a very real one, since stealing and selling a bike is going to be easier and is going to carry less risk than stealing and selling a car.

However, the people who can ride a bike to work or to complete other chores are really strongly advised to do so as often as they possible can. They really will be able to save a lot of money on gasoline in the process. I couldn’t believe how much money I saved on gasoline in only a month by commuting to work on a bicycle.

You might think that it’s going to take forever to get to work if you go in that direction. However, you really don’t realize just how much time you’re wasting by sitting in traffic when you’re driving to work at rush hour. On a bicycle, you can take your own route to work. The proverbial bike lane is free, and you will find yourself riding right past the drivers who are stuck in traffic. It is true that you might need to give yourself some extra time in order to get there, but riding to work by bicycle is faster than a lot of people think.

The fitness benefits of riding a bike need no introduction. Estimates vary, but some experts say that bike riders can burn hundreds of calories in an hour of bike riding. People will barely burn off any energy at all when they’re just driving into work, since walking into your car is the only exercise that you’re getting then. You can save on your gym membership when you bike to your place of work every day. You don’t need one any more, since you’re probably getting an even better workout by just riding your bike to work.

Naturally, you don’t just have to ride to work to get these benefits. If you ride to the bank, you’ll be saving on gasoline as well. Even making a habit of riding your bike when you can is going to manage to make a huge difference when it comes to your lifelong carbon footprint.