Soaking up the Sun

Who doesn’t feel good when soaking up the sun during the summer on a beautiful intense day. That’s why people flock to beaches and islands for vacation for months. People who live in cold climates can hardly wait for spring so that they are beginning to anticipate what is to come. Snowbirds live in snow country and go in droves to Arizona or California in the winter to get some much-needed sun. The rest of us wait till summer if we live in a normal climate. We try to do a lot of outdoor activities even if it consists of just bike rides or hikes. Sure you can do anything in winter in most places, but there is something really special about June through August. You feel it in your bones. They crave a change of scene. If you can’t travel to a sunny faraway destination, perhaps you can install an above ground pool. They come in all sizes to fit your available space and are much less expensive than the in ground variety. The cost is prohibitive. An above ground pool does the job very nicely. There is room for several people to swim laps or just relax and enjoy each other’s company on a lovely day. There isn’t a person alive who doesn’t appreciate a respite from work or chores. If you are a social type, a pool is the best place to congregate in the summer rather than in a dark rec room in the basement of a house.

I like warm water as most of my friends do. After a bit of complaining, I decided to get a solar cover for the above ground pool to heat it up economically. Even on a warm day in the summer, people appreciate not having to cope with a freezing cold pool. They enjoy the milk water temperature. Thanks to the solar panels that are always soaking up the sun. I don’t know many people who use pool covers like this. Mostly they are for off season storage to keep the pool clean during the winter when no one dares set a foot in cold water. In actuality, with solar, you can heat the water year round. Since there is no huge impact on your electrical bill, you don’t mind doing it. People who swim in the winter, do it for toning up and keeping fit. It is a nice alternative to visiting the gym. You can vary your workout regime in an enjoyable manner. My friends have started coming over during months when in the past they would never show their faces. So if you want heated water and balk at the expense, get a solar pool cover. They pay for themselves in just a few years. I can attest to that fact. I will show you my utility bills if you don’t believe me and are hesitant to lay out the funds for this practical heating solution.