Secondhand Gem

You might say that I am a frugal sort. Let’s not waste time, money, or resources. I adopt an attitude of recycle when you can and make good use of everything. I seldom throw things away if there is any life left in them. If I can’t use something, I will donate it or give it to a friend. There is so much waste in the world: witness the loaded landfills. Then there is the simple matter of controlling your budget. If you are careful with your purchases, you can stretch a dollar. All in all, it has to do with being green and environmentally friendly by using things to the max. Hence I don’t balk at thrift stores, not even for a hot tub. Recently I found a secondhand gem there that has lots of life left in it. Considering the costs of new hot tubs, this definitely was the way to go. I saved hundreds. I beat all the discount prices out there on line. Plus, I feel good about recycling. In keeping with my ecological orientation, I also found some biodegradable non-toxic chemicals to maintain the tub. I feel pretty happy about the whole enterprise. I have a great “cheap” unit and I have no complaints. It works fine. We tested the heating unit in the store. There were no holes or places where you could see leaks. The surface of the hot tub was in pristine condition with no dents or gashes. I think this was a very good buy.

Using a cheap hot tub has no effect on the water experience. You are just as content as if you were in a large expensive model. As long as the temperature is right and the spray jets work, you are satisfied. You can sit and relax and applaud yourself endlessly for your wisdom in going to the secondhand store. The money I saved I will use for a vacation, although frankly who needs one when you can spend your evenings and weekends in a hot tub. Given my fanaticism about recycling, I will spend some of my savings on buying some large sorting trash cans. They will be suitably labeled for the trash truck during pick up.

My hot tub is getting a lot of use and the biodegradable chemicals are just fine. The water is clean and pure and I don’t have to expose myself to harsh elements to ward off bacteria. These special chemicals work so well that I don’t have to empty the tub often and refill it with water. Once again a nod to being green and wise. My neighbor has spied my enjoyment through the fence and asked where I got my tub. Unfortunately, there was only one secondhand one at that same place. He is going to have to do his own scouting, but how many of these used tubs are really around. People keep them or loan them to friends. He may have to fork over some serious money to get a tub of his choice.