One More Way to do my Part

I am all about an eco-lifestyle, which means no waste or toxic dumping. It means trying to recycle as much as we can. It is up to each and every one of us to do our part to save the environment. Without communal effort, we will not succeed. I happen to live in a very beautiful place just off the coast of Seattle so I grew up with the instinct for conservation and sustainability. While we can’t live a perfect green life, we can achieve a great deal by paying attention to things like an unnecessary gut of watch batteries. I see in my mind’s eye a pile of these little monsters populating a landfill and being perpetuated forever. They are metal so they will maybe corrode, but never die. So, what do I do about this problem: I buy an automatic watch that needs no batteries. When buying a new watch, if you stand with me about ecology, you will look for the words “mechanical automatic.” This means that the watch has a movement that is wound by means of a built-in rotor that swings around its axis as the wearer creates motion. It can be wound manually as well if the watch has been sitting for a while.

I love the transparent watches that reveal the mechanism to the naked eye by means of an innovative see-through dial. It makes for a very distinctive timepiece. It is fun to wear and you are being eco-friendly while you are at it. Bravo! There are vast numbers of automatic watches on the market so you can go for casual and trendy or classic and elegant. It depends whether you want the watch for sport, work, or dress. Now that I have established one simple way you can save the environment by eliminating batteries, I will go on to encourage compliance. I wish I could reward each person who buys an automatic watch. Maybe we should all have a community drive to gather old battery watches. We could get a local jewelry store involved who will donate either free, used, or discount new automatic watches for those who give up their old model. It might be successful and let the townspeople know how important this issue is.

I will start off by rallying my area to the cause and I hope all of you will see fit to do the same. It only takes a few people to muster the crowd and create action. You could do the same for old appliances so you can recycle various metals and parts. There is nothing much that can’t be repurposed. Old lumber can make fine tables and chairs. Anything can be repainted, restained, and refashioned into something new and useful. Then I suggest that you keep your car one or two years longer to curb the obsessive consumer consumption. I am sure you have plenty of suggestions, too.