Ode to a Bicycle

Living on an island, my bicycle is my chief mode of transportation. I rely on it daily. It can get you around in minutes to most desired destinations in my realm. No worries about parking, and no stress about traffic. Thus, for all its usage, it gets some wear and tear pretty fast. I might need, but don’t want a new one as I believe in recycling. This time it is in a most literal fashion. I will continue to pedal my way on a refurbished bike of my own making.

Buying new equipment feeds the economy, but it also means chucking an old bike that could land inappropriately in a land fill. I could donate it, of course, but I wouldn’t know how and where it would end up. Maybe scrap for parts. Concerned about the environment, I want to make things last and I go the extra mile, in metaphorical fashion, to make sure that I follow through.

A bike is your daily transportation and gets you to where you want to go fast. But you can also enjoy the beauty of your environs as I do. An island has glorious vistas, scenic coastal views, and vast grassy plains dotted with trees of an indigenous kind. You can enjoy a visit to the countryside any day you like because it is always there in your midst.

To keep my bike pristine and nice-looking, I recently painted it with a paint sprayer designed for car paint that a friend had. I had to mask off certain areas that I didn’t want hit by the flow of the paint, but that was easy. Using several colors, I made a most appealing design. This kind of paint applicator gives you very professional results. There was no way this bike would be mistaken for anyone else’s when I was finished. No one would want to steal something so unique. You would be caught before you could pedal five minutes. Island living means everyone knows everyone, and that includes identifying their bikes. When parked, mine is an eye catcher to be sure.

You can paint all kinds of objects, utilitarian and otherwise, with such a sprayer so it pays to invest and have one on hand. They need to be cleaned and stored properly, but it is worth the effort. It will function fully the next time you need a bit of surface improvement or decoration. Kids love them for a favorite pastime. For me, painting the bike was the epitome of my personal mark on a possession. I love it as mentioned and expect it to love me back with years of impending usage.

This blog is an ode to my bicycle as silly as that might seem. It is a tribute to a basic mode of transportation that will never become outmoded or surpassed. Sure, you can drive faster to your destination and enjoy the fine leather seats, but a bike is pure, unadulterated exercise in the outdoors that will do you more good than ensconced inside a bit of metal.