Is Organic Really Better?

Environmentalists will argue until we are blue in the mouth about whether organic food is better than local food, and then we’ll keep on going. There is a lot of controversy about this. From an environmental standpoint, anything that takes more energy to get to a particularly location will typically be worse for the environment, because the ravages of fuel use are typically so severe.

It should also be noted that organic food can have chemicals. They just have to be chemicals that weren’t produced in a laboratory. Arsenic is all-natural, and it is just as bad for you as arsenic that was synthesized in a laboratory. Organic food isn’t grown in soil on another planet, either: it’s grown in the same toxic world as everything else. There is no way to make your food immune from toxins.

Local food often is organic. You’re going to be buying your local food from a nearby farmer, who probably doesn’t have the methods of an industrial farmer in any way, shape, or form. You’re also going to be using less fuel to do so from a commodity-chain perspective, since your food was grown a few miles from you.

Aeroponics farming is going to be the future of farming, and people won’t have to use pesticides in order to do it. However, until it becomes standard and mainstream, going local is better than going organic.