By Land and Sea

Where I live you go from land to water in a matter of minutes. They are literally side by side. It is part of the charm of my lifestyle. It is never one-dimensional I love the transition afforded island living. I also love above all having access to the beach. It is all about being adaptable to a different kind of ecological system and climate. It is all about walking everywhere and knowing each person who passes by. It is all about seclusion, privacy, and ease. As for me you can kiss the big city goodbye. There is no comparison. Any city, even a scenic one like Seattle has its hustle and bustle and neighborhoods that lack charm. There is traffic, congestion, and pollution. Its downtown is like any other but if you can live on or near the water, you are in luck. I had a houseboat once that was the envy of my friends. It was one big open room with solid walls of glass to enjoy the view. You slept right there in the open. I had a little shed in the back for guests. There is nothing like this lifestyle. Now this part of Seattle suited me. I hated to say goodbye. I had to move to the island and now I navigate by land and by sea. What an about face life can bring you.

I love the quiet that island life affords. It has a small stable population. You see the denizens glide by on their bicycles or are talking long leisurely walks. If you live in a high-rise in the city, I feel for you and what you are missing. As for me, I relax and head for the coast in a good pair of beach shoes. That’s the kind of life style I like. Casual is my middle name. I love the comfort and don’t miss leather lace ups. My shoes are canvas and can take any dip in the sea. They are meant for rugged outings and jogs along the sand. You can wear beach shoes in town and look perfectly at home. They are the only thing to wear with shorts and tees.

There is a great little shop on the island that sells beach shoes so you have a wide selection. If you want waterproof jellies, leather thongs, or the canvas style with rope soles that I like, it is all there for the asking. It is a tourist shop but locals love it. Each summer they treat themselves to a new pair. The beach requires a special kind of attire. Shoes are the most important item to consider. You will ruin your street shoes for sure if you try to utilize them going from land to sea. Okay, when I go to the city I change my look, but it is just for the day or evening. You can look a little out of place sometimes in beach shoes in the wrong environment.