Advice for Whale Watchers

Whale watching is fun for the whole family, even if you have a family of one. Whales are some of the most extraordinary creatures in nature, and the opportunity to see one of them at comparatively close range is incredible. If you’re a parent and you are trying to get your kids interested in nature and environmentalism, taking the family whale watching can really help. You’ll get them to appreciate nature right off the bat. Whales are close to being sapient, which makes it that much more important to protect them. They’re incredible creatures as well as important creatures.

Lots of people on whale watching boats will think that there are good places to watch for the whales and bad places to watch for them. They might try to figure out what the best places are. You’ll be spending the whole trip thinking that, since there is no ‘right’ place. The whales could appear at any side of the boat at any time. They’re unpredictable. After all, they don’t know that people are paying to see them.

One of the biggest things that you have to keep in mind while whale watching is that you shouldn’t underestimate the feeling of sea sickness. Don’t try to be a hero. Lots of people insist that it isn’t going to happen to them, and then they start feeling queasy right on cue. It’s better to prepare for that possibility than insist that you’re immune and that you’re a born sailor, even if you’ve almost never been on a boat in your life.

If you go on the lower deck of the ship, if applicable, your sea sickness or motion sickness should start to get better. You’ll be closer to the water that way, so you’ll feel more like you’re moving with it rather than against it. Bringing some anti-nausea remedies with you might be able to help you in advance as well. I’ve often found that focusing on the sea and something else that’s very far away has a tendency to make the experience better.

Naturally, the whale watching tips that people care about the most are the tips that are going to make it more likely for them to see whales, and these tips just don’t exist. Really. If these tips existed, certainly vacation services would be able to out-compete all of their competitors automatically because of that awesome trick of the trade.

Naturally, some waters have more whales than others, and going whale watching in a place with a high whale population is a prerequisite. However, places without a reasonably high whale population in the first place don’t bother to offer whale watching, and the differences between the whale population in one of these places over the other places is going to be negligible. All you can do is keep your eyes open, be patient, and wait for the whales to appear when you go on one of these expeditions.