Do Your Part!

When you live in a small, confined area (such as an island), you take short cuts in life to make things easier. Roads get congested with cars because there aren’t many cross island routes and everyone is going the same way as a rule, clogging the lanes. Then there is the matter of parking in the various confined neighborhoods. I am going to extol the virtues of riding a bicycle instead. You can park it most anywhere, but be sure to use a lock. You don’t want to come back from shopping to find your precious bike missing. Cycling makes perfect sense.

For the kiddies, you can stow them behind you in a bike trailer. If you don’t have one, hint around for a gift. Or do your research and find a quality product. To maintain the sanity of the people on the island, i.e., make life more pleasant, let me set an example. Get out your bike and find a good bike trailer from On Road and Mountain at or convert a towable trailer to a stroller in seconds. Then you can go anywhere you want and use your ingenuity. Most people on the island already have bikes so it is a matter of making it a more practical ride. You want to be able to tote what you need from the grocery store or whatever errands you are running. You save valuable time, especially if you can accommodate the kids. They walk too slowly to use that method of transportation. Plus, they live the bike trailers with their snappy wheels and well-conceived appearance.

What you want is a twenty-inch pneumatic tire with molded rims. You thus get performance and style. That will make the kids want to jump in at any time. The aluminum frame is lightweight and durable so you know everything is secure. Then there are the parking brakes that ensure extra safety when the trailer is in stroller mode. Someone created an ingenious design that also applies to the folding frame with quick release wheels for compact storage. I appreciate when something is well made and suitable for everyday use. There is a nice two in one canopy with a bug screen and what is known as a weather shield. This is a nice feature. Then there is a versatile bicycle coupler that attaches to most any bike. But be sure you check it out before making your purchase. Then scrutinize the safety harness and shoulder pads that provide special security and comfort. That’s about it for a bike trailer.

Teach your kids how to get in and out without falling. They will enjoy using the trailer if they feel secure. Not that children are cowards, mind you. It’s just that after one fall, they are no longer game for another ride. They also want to be able to see what’s going on in the street so adjust the convenient screen. The whole idea of the bike trailer is kind of an advanced baby buggy for toddlers. Get one today!